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EuroOffice MapChart for MS Excel

EuroOffice MapChart for MS Excel is a new chart type to visualize geographically related data. Showcase your statistics over detailed maps of European regions, the United States, the world or Hungary! EuroOffice MapChart for MS Excel extension gives a very spectacular data displaying and a special chart diagram. Just choose a data range and do your map chart with only two simple mouse clicks in your spreadsheet with basic settings!
MapChart for MS Excel extension needs to have an installed MSExcel 2007, or newer version for running!

EuroOffice MapChart for MS Excel contains two basic features:

  • Map displaying
  • Data displaying

Settings of Map displaying are the following:

  • data series can be in rows, or columns
  • change the colors of your map with built-in color schemes, or choose another background color
  • use color codes for regions for choosing area colors (e.g. you can display some regions with the same color)
  • coordinates of the regions can be chosen from several maps
  • areas can be displayed over different encompassing regions
  • you can change your map's details, position and size as you want
  • you can use captions and legends as well
  • you can add a title, too
  • you can edit your map chart with MS Excel's standard tools (e.g. Shape Effects > Shadow)

Data displaying contains settings of Map displaying and many other features, too:

  • you can use the chosen data range's first row as a label
  • you can change data range by clicking on the range selection button right to the text field
  • bar and pie charts are available
  • you can change diagram sizes in percentage of regions

Databases for map charts:

EuroOffice MapChart for MS Excel includes maps of all European NUTS 1, NUTS 2 and NUTS 3 regions as well as 73 of the largest cities in Europe. NUTS is a European standard for naming geographical regions of different levels such as regions, provinces, districts, states, counties and cantons. In case of Hungary, all the 3000+ settlements are included in the database.

The price includes priority support and updates for one year. Please contact us at if you run into any problems or have questions!

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