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MultiRáció Company History


MultiRáció was founded by three physicists, an economist and a lawyer in 1992. The company started working on analysis and forecasting of economic and finacial data, and designing and implementing information systems. The name of the new company reflects the multitude of the fields of expertise of its founders, in various areas requiring rational thinking, an analitical mind and thorough knowledge of macro and micro economics.

In 1994, the company started two projects, financed by World Bank, that aimed the adaptation of the newest methods of data analysis in the area of employment statistics for the Hungarian Public Employment Service. In the frame of the two projects, our company implemented the X11-ARIMA methods of seasonal anmalysis and the small area employment data estimation methods (project closing reports: seasonal adjustment and small area estimation). The systems first develeoped by these projects are still working, and were extended and refined in the frame of various research and development projects. Since 1997, we provide seasonally adjusted and small area official employment data for the Public Employment Service.

A completely new development activity began in 2001, when MultiRáció started the localization and customization of, creating MagyarOffice, which was marketed as a viable alternative of MicroSoft Office on the Hungarian office software market. MagyarOffice became quickly popular. For the development and marketing of MagyarOffice, MultiRacio was rewarded by the "Innovation Prize" in 2003.

Changes in the license policy of and the intention to reach international markets resulted in the development of EuroOffice, which is a GPL licensed free customized version of The added values of MagyarOffice were now turned into Extension modules, including Language Tools, MapChart, Solver, Dictionary and several new free and commercial extensions.

The basic philosophy of the company is that the basis of the human value creation and production is the surplus knowledge originating from the human cognitive appreciation.

Furthermore, the fundamental distinguishing feature of Western civilization is that it provides the means of survival of the community by constantly building upon human cognitive appreciation and scientific advances, and most of all it improves living standards through technical inventions, innovations, according to the views of the two determining founders of MultiRacio Ltd. These ideas were elaborated in details by analysing the history of Western civilization and the Carpathian Basin in their book named "The unity of the Carpathian basin - Why did it disappeared? Can it be restored?". (download free abridged english version here.)

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