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EuroSymphony UnitConverter

EuroSymphony UnitConverter converts between different physical units. EuroSymphony UnitConverter has two modules.

The first module can be accessed in the Tools menu. By clicking the Unit Converter submenu, a dialog box will appear. Here you can set the name of the physical quantity to be converted (e.g. length, pressure, etc.). In the second row on the left you can choose the unit to be converted from and on the right the unit to convert to. In the third row you can see the original value and the converted value. This field on the right hand side will be refreshed after every user interaction (choosing a different item in the unit checkboxes or pressing Enter). The Exit button closes the dialog, the Paste Result button inserts the result into your document to the cursor position (this function is working only in Writer).

The second - more sofisticated - module is only accessible from Writer. If you select a given amount of a physical quantity in your document (e.g. 351 km) the extension will identify automatically the unit type and the value (if the unit name you have used is in our unit name list) and fill the first value. In the Tools menu you should choose the Unit Converter - Selection submenu. If you press Cancel, nothing happens, but if you press OK, the selected quantity will be changed to the converted one (the name of the quantity or its abbreviation can be determined by the user).

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