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EuroSymphony Solver

EuroSymphony Solver provides various fast algorithms to solve optimization problems in Lotus Symphony Spreadsheet.

EuroSymphony Solver includes 4 different algorithms:

  • The tried and true simplex algorithm performs well on practically occuring cases of linear optimization. All kinds of linear inequalities (<=, >= and =) are supported.
  • The quadratic solver can find the minima and maxima of functions such as f(x,y)=x2+0.7y2+x-0.5y-1 while observing linear inequalities.
  • The non-linear solver can be used to find the extreme value of any function you can describe in an Calc formula and it can still observe the constraints given in linear inequalities!
  • The Hungarian algorithm solves a completely different class of optimization problems: assignment problems. Useful for deciding on logistics, splitting up work and splitting up cookies! You can read more on Wikipedia.

Useful features that differentiate EuroSymphony Solver:

  • Similar in purpose to Microsoft Excel's solver and Optimization Solver, EuroSymphony Solver is a step ahead with its innovative user interface.
  • Store the problem description in cells of a Calc spreadsheet and experiment by changing parameters and watching the solution change accordingly in real time!
  • Save and load solvers for use in your workflow! Use the Solver Manager to list, edit or delete the saved solvers.

The price includes priority support and updates for one year. Please contact us at if you run into any problems or have questions!

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