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EuroOffice MyProgress

Track the progress of your writing with EuroOffice My Progress! This extension records your word and paragraph count every minute and generates reports about your progress.

EuroOffice My Progress can be activated on a per-document basis by activating the Track My Progress menu item in the Tools menu. This menu item can also be used to disable EuroOffice My Progress for the document and remove all the tracking data.

When active, EuroOffice My Progress stores the word count and paragraph count once a minute. The progress data is stored inside the document.

The Display My Progress menu item in the Tools menu is enabled when tracking is turned on. This menu item generates a report of your progress on the current document. The report contains four charts and the data for these charts: the word count and the paragraph count in both a day-by-day view and a minute-by-minute view for the current day.

We hope you will have fun with EuroOffice My Progress and maybe it will motivate you for increased productivity!

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