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EuroOffice MapChart is a new chart type integrated into Calc that makes it possible to visualize geographically related data. Showcase your statistics over detailed maps of European regions, the United States or the world!

It comes up frequently that instead of the ordinary column and line charts, our data could be depicted with colouring the geographical areas and placing additional diagrams on them. The EuroOffice Map Chart is such an extension which is able to carry out these tasks in an easy and creative way being integrated into the Calc. Two versions are available: a free version and a professional one.

Map chart types can be created based on four databases:

  • Europe
  • Hungary
  • the World
  • USA

In case of Europe and Hungary not only the countries but every significant smaller territory is available, one can depict regions, counties, big cities etc… (this function is only accessible in the Professional version). The division of smaller territories follows the guidelines of the NUTS system which is the official statistical distribution system of the European Union. . Hereby one can look at the detailed list of the territories:
Its main features:

  • The first data column and data row are presented with colouring the territories, while the others are represented by subdiagrams. One can choose from four colour scales and three types of subdiagrams (bar, pie and special icons).
  • Map charts are equipped with textual and numerical information similarly to other types of charts (titles, subtitles, key to the signs used).
  • Map Chart can be started from a distinct menu point from the Insert menu. Maps are easily created and they are created with the help of ordinary windows just as in case of usual charts.
  • Map Chart operates with OpenOffice.Org based programs, it can be downloaded from our webpage, and can be installed as an usual extension.
  • Already created maps can be reedited regarding all features that need to be changed, moreover, they can be edited as pictures in the OpenOffice.Org Draw.
  • A distinct Help function also belongs to EuroOffice Map Chart, which will be integrated into the general one.
  • Partners and colleagues who do not possess the professional or free version of EuroOffice Map Chart can receive and see the charts created with the help of it, in addition, with exporting to PDF and Excel formats one can broadly use it.

The following possibilities can be exclusively found in the Professional version:

  • One can give aliases to geographical entities, and select what border lines should be depicted. Another option is to rely on the Map Chart to determine the best fitting territory to the framework of the data.
  • Special icons (SVG, JPEG, ODS and many others…) can be placed on the map instead of bar or pie diagrams. The EuroOffice Professional Map Chart enlarges or reduces icons in size in the proportion of the data.
  • NUTS1, NUTS2 and NUTS3 are level representing charts which enable the creation of regional and county level charts is Hungary. In addition to this, the database includes the administrative territory of 73 big cities in Europe. In case of Hungary each and every settlement (more than 3000) can be shown in the chart.
  • EuroOffice Professional Map Chart is already capable of drawing 3D maps. The already ready 3D objects are free to be edited and turned in Draw, moreover their lighting can be altered, too.

The price includes priority support and updates for one year. Please contact us at if you run into any problems or have questions!

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