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EuroOffice FormulaConverter

EuroOffice FormulaConverter is an extension by MultiRacio that replaces formulas in your documents with png images for more efficient portability.

There are commonly occuring problems during converting formulae into different document formats. EuroOffice FormulaConventer solves this problems by replacing the formula with a png image.

The use of this extension is very simple. Selecting the Replace Formulae With Images from the Tools menu replaces all of the formulae in the current document. First you need to select the resolution of the image from a range between 100 and 500 DPI with a step size of 50. There are two other possibilities: "screen" denotes your screen resolution, and "max" stands for the highest resolution which do not generate a too big image size, since above a given size MS Office cannot handle these pictures.

If this problem arises when you have selected a given resolution, another dialog will ask you if you want a MS compatible picture or not. If you do, the extension will choose the highest possible resolution (resulting in the same size, if you would have chosen "max" from the ComboBox, but only in case of the given formula).

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