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EuroOffice Barcode

The EuroOffice Extension Creator example "Barcode" has grown a full-fledged extension supporting a wide variety of barcode standards. It is free and open-source and available for download.

EuroOffice Barcode is a simple extension for creating UPC-A, EAN-13, ISBN and JAN barcodes in Draw.

It started out as an EuroOffice Extension Creator example and evolved into a practically useful tool. It currently supports the following barcode types:

  • UPC-A (the most common barcode in the US)
  • EAN-13 (the most common barcode in Europe)
  • JAN (the barcode used in Japan, basically EAN-13 with the country code for Japan)
  • ISBN-13 (the barcode used in books after 2007, basically EAN-13 with a superscript)
  • ISBN-10 (the barcode used in books before 2007, basically EAN-13 with a different superscript)
For all of these codes checksum calculation is also supported, and ISBN numbers are correctly hyphenated.

It is also a sign of third-party interest in EOEC - the extensive feature set is a result of collaboration with Kálmán Szalai, an OxygenOffice developer.

Adding new features to this already useful extension can also be a good starting point for trying out EuroOffice Extension Creator.

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