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EuroOffice ExtensionCreator Pro

EuroOffice ExtensionCreator Pro is a toolset for creating python extensions.

It contains tools to create, manage and packagage EuroOffice extensions and a skeleton code of a python extension, complete with methods to create menus, dialogs and accomplish common tasks. A detailed user manual, and four example extensions are also included in the package.

Download and install

After downloading the file, just unpack it, and it is ready to be used. It contains a detailed user manual (EuroOfficeExtensionCreator.pdf), the eoec directory holding the tools and the eoecexamples directory for the example extensions.

Using EOEC

EOEC eases the development process with the following tools:

  • Use to create a new extensions
  • Use -D to pack a development version OXT
  • Use the Debug button in the About box of the installed extension for developing and debugging your code
  • Pack a release version by using

The Extension Core facilities

The Extension Core is a set of functions that every EOEC extension depends on. It provides the backbone of creating and registering an extension, the run-time development mechanism, debugging and a number of essential utilities. A large part of the functionality is present in the ComponentBase class, and some parts that are not tied to an extension object are implemented as functions.

The Utility Library

EOEC speeds up development, but given how complicated the API is in some parts it is also very important to facilitate code reuse, and this is why we have started to collect the most often used pieces of code in a supplemental API package. This is the util module that you can access from your extensions.

Example extensions

  • Star Maker
  • Barcode
  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary
  • Lookup
  • Shuffle
  • Sharpen

The price includes priority support and updates for one year. Please contact us at if you run into any problems or have questions.

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